Common Detail Packages


The Basics

Great for drivers that regularly clean their vehicle.


Hand wash, vacuum service, cleaning of doors, dashboard, and windows

Starts at $75 

(Price based on sedan cars. Pet Hair removal is an additional charge.

I Need It All Cleaned On The Inside

For the customer who hasn't cleaned their vehicle in a long time! This is a great option if you've just come back from a road trip vacation, have children that ride in the vehicle on a regular basis, or after experiencing a spill or accidental staining.


The Basics + carpet shampooing, seat/upholstery shampooing, detailed cleaning of doors, dashboard, cup holders, center console, armrests,and  followed up with Protectant

Starts at $110

(Price based on sedan cars. Trucks, SUV's, and vans may require additional cost. Pet Hair is an additional charge.)

Exterior Add-Ons

For our customers that would like more, we can do more!


The Basics +  I Need It All Cleaned On The Inside + waxing, paint sealant, polish, and paint correction

(On-site consultation required in order to provide price estimate, time to complete, and scheduling options. Prices may vary based on size of vehicle. On-site consultations include a walk-around the vehicle with you, the customer, in order for us to make sure that we understand the results you're looking for, and, so we have the opportunity to set proper expectations. Factors such as tar stains, bug stains, bird droppings, rock chips, paint conditions and clear coat conditions will vary the steps needed to achieve desired results.)