Common Detail Services

The Basics

Usually customers who regularly clean their vehicle. 

Hand wash

Vacuum service

Clean doors and dash

Clean windows


(This price is consistent for more cars. Pet Hair removal would be extra pricing) 

The I Need It All Cleaned On The Inside

For the customer who hasn't cleaned vehicle before, in a long period of time, after vacations, also after a spill or accidental staining.

Of course the basics followed by

Carpet shampoo service

Seat shampoo service

Detailed cleaning of Door, Dash, Cup holders armrest followed up with Protectant

Starts at $110

(Most Cars fall in this price range as SUV or larger vehicles will see price. Pet Hair removal would be extra also

Exterior Add Ons

Would like more we can do more.

Pair a basic or a I need it all cleaning with 


Paint Sealant


Paint Correction

These options we  would like to walk around the vehicle with customer to make sure we understand the results they are looking for.  Tar, bugs spots, rock chips, paint or clear coat conditions create many variations on steps to achieve customers needs as well as pricing.